May 31, 2018

Alderney Punch Well Above Their Weight

The Ray Lowe Sporting Foundation were treated to an away day last week where three of the Trustees visited the smallest of the Channel Islands. The trip to Alderney which we planned over a month ago packed  in visits to as many different sports clubs as possible in the short time available.

Unfortunately adverse weather kept us in Guernsey Airport for over five hours, but we finally got on our way, and after circling the Alderney airport once due to low lying fog we touched down. For some of the Trustees it had been well over a decade since their last visit so our visit was well overdue. Over the past few years we have supported a number of sports in Alderney, including Boxing and Golf.

After a quick visit to the Island’s tennis club we stopped at Bray Beach Hotel for a quick spot of lunch before we were taken to the Island Hall where our discussions began with a short meeting with Ralf Burridge of the Alderney Island Band. Shortly after that we were joined by a very humble Table Tennis coach who single handedly runs the Island’s Table Tennis Club. We were then joined by the CEO of the States of Alderney who explored some of the challenges facing the smallest island in the Channel Islands.

One thing that impressed all of the Trustees, was the drive among the young people we met whilst on our tour.  We visited the Island’s Boxing Club, where some of the youngsters had made a special trip to their club to show us a sample training session, as it was outside of their boxing season. One thing that certainly impressed all of the Trustees at the Boxing Club was the determination and discipline amongst the young people who, without prompting, put on their training gloves and began their warm up. Within minutes they were in the training arena on the punch bags completing a preset routine of moves. But one thing was clear, the training venue we were in was old, dilapidated and in much need of modernisation.
We then left the Island Hall and took a trip to one the island’s forts where we would be meeting two sports. Surprising Archery & Shooting take place weekly in this historic fortress, that isn’t normally open to the public on a weekday, but we were privileged that two representatives from each club were there to greet us and give us a guided tour.

Tours of other sporting facilities and meetings with more sports groups continued on day two of the visit and has firmly embedded Alderney in the Trustees’ minds ahead of our next meeting in a few weeks’ time. What will we support next? Watch this space.
Jersey Collage