May 22, 2016

Guernsey Tigers Fly the Guernsey Flag

We recently supported a young team of Guernsey Tigers Indoor Bowls Club players as they travelled to Scotland to compete in the Tri Nation Under 18’s Tournament held in April of this year. Our Trustees were very pleased to have received this short report and overview of their trip. This was supplied from Mavis Richards, just one of the dedicated volunteers at the Guernsey Indoor Bowling Association who base themselves at the Indoor Bowling rink at the Hougue Du Pommier.

“I am writing to you on behalf of our Junior bowlers to once again thank the Ray Lowe Sporting Foundation for helping us to achieve this trip.

Scotland put their 2nd team against us, but our players really rose to the occasion. We won four singles, one triples, and two pairs games. We had some very positive comments on how well they played and conducted themselves on the green.

This trip is so good for us, as we don’t get many games against visiting players. Scotland is very keen to keep this going and hopefully will include Ireland next year for another Tri-nations event.”

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