November 16, 2018

Sailing Trust Benefit from Sail Sponsorship & Vision Sails

We were pleased to pay a visit to the Guernsey Sailing Trust today where our Trustees witnessed our donation in action on the model yacht pond. We supported them by sponsoring a Pond Oppie with Sail Sponsorship over the next 3 years, and also helped them purchase 2 sets of Vision Sails.
The trustees found it very easy to support their application which was put forward earlier this year, as they ensure their sport is accessible to everyone. Last year they enabled hundreds of children to sail, windsurf and powerboat here in the Bailiwick.
We recognised that young people taking up their sport can benefit from increased confidence, team work and problem solving skills, attributes that we are very keen to allocate our financial support to here in Guernsey.
Thanks to the Guernsey Sailing Trust for their continued hard work and enthusiasm towards supporting young people in sport here in Guernsey.